2014 topcoder Open Logo Redesign Contest

Welcome to the TCO14 Logo ReDesign challenge!

Change of plans – we need a new logo for the 2014 [topcoder] Open! The earlier logo was awesome, but we need to rebrand this event according to the NEW [topcoder] look, and make it look closely associated to the newly designed [topcoder] style, look and feel.

The goal of this challenge is to create a new eye-catching logo that recognizes this event as one of the industry’s premier places to showcase high-tech talent from the global community, and also looks like a set with the new[topcoder] logo in terms of colors and styling. The new logo needs to draw a distinct connection between the [tc] brand/color scheme and the TCO. 


Round One (1)

Submit your initial design for checkpoint review. 
— Use the provided template
— You may submit multiple submissions!


Round Two (2)

Submit your final design after incorporating checkpoint feedback.
— Use the provided template
— You may submit multiple submissions!


We’ve decided to have the logo for the 2014 [topcoder] Open redesigned, to reflect the change in the [topcoder]branding and overall look and feel. We are looking for a new logo, that still embodies the competitive and prestigious spirit of the [topcoder] Open, and the [topcoder] community, while making good use of the new[topcoder] colors and clean, flat styling.

The TCO14 logo is featured on every piece of the tournament. From the t-shirts, the program, the website, and much more. This one logo must encompass what the tournament means; not literally but figuratively. The TCO14 is all about competition either by coding, designing or building software. You must take all of the things the TCO means and produce a visual that people can relate to the tournament.

Design Considerations:
– Please follow the [topcoder] branding guidelines (topcoder-style-guide.pdf) in terms of colors and styling.
– We want to see something bold and new that symbolizes the spirit of competition. Too often we have had globes, computers, circles, and computer mice depicted in logo designs. We want to stay away from anything that has been done in the past and expect something fresh and new.
– Concept, composition, and simplicity will be taken into serious consideration in the selection process (see judging criteria below). Most great logos share some characteristics; they are clean, simple and easy to remember. The winning logo will be used in many different areas, on the tournament website, the printed program, apparel and large format event graphics. 
– You can use the current logo as a starting point if you’d like, and rework it to fit the new [topcoder] look. You are allowed to use the [topcoder] logo graphic or elements from it, as well as the [topcoder] font. However, don’t let this limit you – we want to see new creative ideas that make the TCO look cohesive with the new[topcoder]!

TCO14 Logo Requirements:
– We are looking for something fresh and new but at the same time, something that conveys competition, innovation, and the concept of a tournament. We want something that speaks TCO – not just a random design that could relate to any business.
– The logo may say only ONE of these phrases, not all: 


2014 [topcoder] Open

[tc]O (or variation)

– We need you to create the logo in All Color on black, All color on white, and grayscale.
– Please use some or all of the [topcoder] logo colors: light blue – #29ABE2, dark blue – #0071BC, dark green – #8CC63F, light green – #D9E021, Orange – #F7931E, dark gray – #231F20
– Please do not use any track names, event place, or icons, but something more overall representative.  
– Please stay away from gradients, as they will not be able to be easily reproduced across all media.
– Your logo must be recognizable when printed on a Black & White background.
– Designs must be created as VECTOR artwork so they can be resized without a loss of quality. Make sure your logo quality is not diminished when scaled up or down.
– The logo should encapsulate the message of the logo design within three seconds of the first glimpse. Anyone who sees your logo for the first time should retain that image in their memory.
– You can use the attached template (Template.zip)

Please note, the TCO14 is the most important piece of the tournament design, and it should look like it’s part of the [topcoder] family in terms of branding.  

– Fonts are open to the designer. All non-standard fonts must be listed in a text file within your submission folder. Include the name of the font and a link to where it can be downloaded/purchased. DO NOT include any font files in your submission or source files. 

– Create your logo design using the [topcoder] colors (topcoder-style-guide.pdf) or colors complementary to these. 

– The TCO13 logo (http://community.topcoder.com/tco13/) and TCO08 logo (see in this list) are examples of strong logos. It is hard to imagine seeing these logos on a sign for a coffee shop or bakery. The font is a perfect fit for the design and the simple yet bold look of the design encompasses exactly what we were looking for to portray the TCO.

– The TCCC06 logo (http://community.topcoder.com/tc?module=Static&d1=tournaments&d2=tccc06&d3=about) is another good example. This logo looked amazing in all mediums. It stood out well on black backgrounds and shined on white. The look and feel really showed what the TCCC was all about.

Explore some logo design inspiration websites, look for simple images or typography that convey a sense of competition. A good logo should be; simple, distinctive, relevant, memorable, timeless, and versatile – and most importantly your own design. Use these references as inspiration only.

Target Audience:
– [topcoder] and Studio members 
– [topcoder]s Clients and Sponsors
– Potential Member
– Potential Client and Sponsors

Judging Criteria:
Feel free to explain how these criteria are met, or what your idea behind the design process is – as a text file/notes in your submission.
– Branding: Does your logo look like a [topcoder] branded entity?
– Relevance:  How does your logo “fit” within the tournament? As in, the tournament of as a whole: the competitions, the competitors, the prestige, the excitement, etc. This is very important.
– Quality: Does your logo look fresh, professional and clean? Is the composition/layout well done? Have you used typography in a meaningful way?
– Concept: Does your logo present a new and interesting concept? Is it simple, yet memorable?

Preview Image:
Please create your preview image as one (1) 1024×1024 JPG or PNG file in RGB color mode at 72dpi and place your submissions within it. You are free to resize or crop your submission to fit this size, but do not add any filters or elements for dramatic effect, such as drop shadows or reflections.


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